Cabo Flyboard Hydroflight Experts

Become a Hydroflight expert today and learn how to fly out of the water like Superman!

Find balance, experience the true meaning of freedom, and discover a blue horizon that becomes your territory. Once you dominate the art of flyboarding, your personalized pilot will teach you how to reach the sky and then dive into the water just like a dolphin. Have you ever wondered how it would be to fly like a superhero?


This is your moment!

Within the beautiful setting of Medano Beach, adventurers worldwide seek life-changing experiences, which combine nature and innovative technology. For all of them, Flyboard was created, a different water sport, which will take you to fly over the water aboard boosted by water streams.

Before starting this amazing flight, you’ll get an instruction session from your certified pilot on a floating platform, so you can learn how to use the equipment. Once you complete this step, you’ll be outfitted with the flyboard equipment and hop in the water to start your flight.

Get into the water and signal your guide to increasing the throttle, forcing two massive streams of water to shoot from underneath your foot. Rise to heights of 30 feet (9 m) and hover weightlessly in the air. As you get more comfortable with the sensation of flying, experiment with a few steady turns before you move on to more advanced maneuvers, like corkscrews and maybe even flips!


An Unforgettable Experience!

Open every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.



Phone:  +52 (624) 235 1811