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El Squid Roe Clothesline

Our range of thermos, glasses, and mugs ensures that your morning coffee or evening drink carries the spirit of those Cabo nights. And because we believe that the El Squid Roe vibe is for everyone, we've curated special collections for youth and pets.

Explore our collection, relive the memories, and wear the vibe of Cabo's most iconic nightlife brand. International shipping is available.

El Squid Roe Clothesline isn't just merchandise; it's a lifestyle. Every item is meticulously designed to resonate with the memories, moments, and magic that El Squid Roe has been offering for years.


Our collection ranges from casual wear like t-shirts, shorts, and pants to accessories that add a touch of Cabo to your everyday life - hats, caps, and even socks.

Los Cabos iconic nightlife, now wearable!

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Dive into a collection that encapsulates the vibrant spirit and unforgettable nights of Cabo's legendary hotspot. Every piece from El Squid Roe Clothesline is more than just apparel; it's a memory, a statement, and a piece of Cabo's heart.

Don't just reminisce about the nights; wear them. Ready to embrace the Cabo vibe? Visit The Shop and wear the legend.

Embrace the Cabo vibe

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