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ABOUT US: About Us


Cabo Hospitality is a Los Cabos-based collective of restaurants, beach clubs, adrenaline-filled activities, city tours, and nightlife ventures focused on creating entirely unique atmospheres full of entertainment and highly shareable moments. The group-wide goal is that all guests enjoy an unforgettable escape.

Current Cabo Hospitality brands include El Squid Roe and The Nowhere Bar, Wachinango's restaurant, La Ocho beach club, and Cabo Flyboard. Other future projects include an expansion plan to bring Cabo Hospitality's brands to other cities.

Ultimately, Cabo Hospitality plans to deliver one-of-a-kind outings across its locations and activations. By further programming the company’s physical spaces with an immersive, 360-degree approach — we consistently provide our patrons with an experience that is high-energy, high-impact, and highly memorable.


Located in Mexico's Baja, California's peninsula's southernmost tip, Cabo, at an elevation of just 10mts above sea level, is surrounded by both the Sea of Cortés and the Pacific Ocean.


As Mexico's premier tourism destination, Cabo is home to some of the world's most luxurious resorts, award-winning restaurants, top-ranked golf courses, outstanding spas, and adrenaline-filled adventures. There is a lot to do while in Cabo. The area is "Los Cabos" or simply "Cabo." It comprises three regions - to the east is San José del Cabo, a quiet place with an Art District and historic buildings.


Cabo San Lucas is a more touristic-centric fun city to the west with various bar options and elegant shopping malls next to the marina. It is known worldwide for its pleasant bay, where you can do all kinds of water activities.


Both cities connect by a 20-mile-long Tourist Corridor, where you can find majestic resorts and world-class golf courses.


Los Cabos' weather does not change significantly from season to season. However, there are still times of year most desirable to visit than others, like later winter/early spring. We experience the least precipitation during this season and relatively warm temperatures. So if a lower price is what you are aiming for, you may want to book for the late summer or fall.


Moving around Los Cabos is reasonably manageable by the multiple transportation options offered by the region and the relative proximity of its major destinations. Los Cabos is dense so, therefore, can be explored on foot. Nevertheless, it's best to travel between its different areas by bus or car.


Los Cabos harbors many breathtaking natural wonders and exciting activities for travelers from all places to enjoy:

  • The Arch of Cabo: This famous arch-shaped rock formation at "Land's End," Baja California's peninsula's most southern tip, is large enough to drive a boat through.

  • Lovers Beach: Lovers Beach is an iconic beach at Land's End where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés meet. It is excellent for sunbathing and sightseeing and is also a home for sea lions and other marine life.

  • Day at The Beach: Cabo is home to many beautiful beaches, some of which are only accessible by boat like Lovers Beach or a more swimmable option like Medano. We recommend Santa Maria for a family snorkeling day trip.

  • Scuba Diving: Witness some breathtaking natural sights with guided dives throughout the region.

  • Skydiving: Experience the feeling of flying over the most scenic view you'll get of Los Cabos.

  • Whale Watching: a one-of-a-kind experience getting to know the largest mammal alive face to face in their environment.

  • Cabo Pulmo: In this National Park, you can find several secluded beaches with the only natural reefs on the west coast.


Cabo has hosted many unique events, including J Balvin's Energía Tour, the Los Cabos Open of Surf, ATP Los Cabos Open Tennis, Sabor A Cabo, and the Los Cabos International Film Festival. Each year, more of these events come to Cabo. With Los Cabos' rich cultural history, its many eatery options, and entertainment venues, these events make for a surplus of things to do while in Cabo.

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