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2023 Highlight Roundup

Can you believe it's been a whole year? Let's grab our virtual sunglasses and take a stroll down memory lane. From epic parties at El Squid Roe to cozy nights at The Nowhere Bar, and all the tasty bites and adrenaline-filled adventures in between—this year's been a wild ride! Join us for the lowdown on the laughs, the beats, the bites, and everything in Cabo that made 2023 one for the books. Let's dive in!


Technically, the first party of the year was New Year's party. We had such a great time welcoming 2023 with our friends downtown, The Nowhere Bar lit up the marina like no one else and El Squid Roe was lighting up the sky with their indoor firework show. If you missed it last year, you can catch it this year!


February was all about football and love. El Squid Roe had two events in February, first their annual Super Bowl Party. Imagine a tailgate in the heart of downtown Cabo. And a couple of days later, they celebrated Valentine's Day, but not just for those in a relationship! El Squid Roe threw their very first Stoplight Party. This was so much fun because everyone got involved, even the staff! Everyone put a label on it with their drink or stickers: red means in a relationship; yellow means complicated; and green is single and ready to mingle.


Things started to get a bit crazy in March with Spring Break. Every night was a party in downtown Cabo, but the highlight was El Squid Roe's Saint Patrick's Day Celebration. Everything was covered in green and gold; they even had a leprechaun! Somewhere in the venue, they hid a huge Golden Coin, whoever found it won a bottle of Irish Whiskey!


We celebrated Easter in a special way in Cabo this year. Our friends at El Squid Roe threw one hell of a party. Not only did they have an Easter Bunny hopping around giving everyone shots, but they also had an Egg Hunt! Colorful eggs were hidden around the whole venue with prizes like Jell-O SHots, free t-shirts, shots, a mixed drink and so much more. But there was one Golden Egg. This Golden Egg had... you guessed it, a free Bottle!


May 5th brought the vibrant and lively Drink-oh de Mayo Fiesta to Cabo San Lucas. The celebration featured an array of flavorful margaritas, tequila tastings, and festive Mexican cuisine. Attendees soaked in the energetic atmosphere, dancing to the beats of mariachi and enjoying the perfect blend of cocktails and camaraderie.


June ushered in the summer vibes with El Squid Roe's Beach Party. Bringing the beach to the heart of Downtown Cabo, attendees enjoyed tropical decor, beach games, and refreshing cocktails. The event transformed downtown into a seaside oasis, creating the ultimate summer kick-off experience for locals and visitors alike. Amid the festivities of their Beach Party, we took a colorful detour to celebrate love and diversity at the Cabo Pride Parade. Joining the vibrant procession, our team proudly marched, danced, and spread cheer along the streets of Cabo. It was a joyous moment to support and stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, adding a splash of pride to our summer celebrations.


July was a double treat with two spectacular events. Firstly, we celebrated Independence Day in true patriotic style, with fireworks, live music, and a festive spirit that lit up the night. Following this, the MC Pablo Fest took center stage, marking the birthday of our MC with an unforgettable night of music, dancing, and rounds of Jagerbombs that kept the party going! The event was a wonderful way to thank him for so many years of fiesta. It was a week of back-to-back excitement, embracing the spirit of freedom and fun.


They needed a break! After a whirlwind of events, laughter, and dance, our friends at El Squid Roe decided to give everyone, including themselves, a well-deserved break in August. No event, just a month-long siesta (though every night is a fiesta)! They took this time to recharge, catch some sun, and maybe sip a few cocktails by the beach. Sometimes, the best celebration is the one where you kick back and enjoy the serenity. But don't worry; they were back with a bang!


In September, we traded our beach vibes for a splash of patriotic fervor as Mexico geared up to celebrate its Independence Day. On the night of the 15th, their venue transformed into a hub of excitement for the annual "Grito" at midnight. The air echoed with cheers, traditional music, and the spirited cry of "Viva México!" as we joined the nation in commemorating this historical moment. It was a night of pride, unity, and the unmistakable flavor of Mexico's rich cultural tapestry. September had us wrapped in the warmth of community and the vibrant hues of national pride.


As the moon cast an eerie glow over Cabo, we embraced the spirit of the supernatural with El Squid Roe's Spooktacular Halloween Costume Contest. October was a month of mystery and mischief, and our venue became a cauldron of creativity. Ghouls, ghosts, and fantastical creatures, each costume more imaginative than the last. Laughter and cheers filled the night as participants paraded their spooky ensembles, vying for the coveted title of Best Dressed. It was a haunting good time, a celebration of the eerie, and a reminder that in Cabo, even the supernatural knows how to have a devilishly good time.


After a whirlwind of events, November granted us a well-deserved breather. As the sun-kissed beaches of Cabo settled into a peaceful rhythm, we all took a pause, not just to catch our breath but to prepare for the grand crescendo of the year. The calm allowed us to recharge, refine, and get ready for what would undoubtedly be the most anticipated and unforgettable night of the year – El Squid Roe's New Year's Eve bash. The tranquility of November was the quiet before the storm, the hush in the theater before the curtains rise, building anticipation for the grand finale that awaited us on the horizon.


As the year gracefully approached its finale, December brought us together for El Squid Roe's annual Posada – a cherished tradition where we celebrate not just the season but the heartbeat of our team. With festive cheer and gratitude, we honored the bonds that make our Cabo family special. Laughter, music, and the warmth of family filled the air as they acknowledged the hard work and dedication that defined their collective journey throughout the year.

Yet, as they donned holiday spirit, there was a subtle undercurrent of anticipation. A collective energy building up for the grand crescendo – New Year's Eve. The preparations are underway, the excitement palpable.


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