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Good Friday meets Easter in Cabo: Viernes Santo at El Squid Roe

Last Friday, El Squid Roe, the legendary nightlife hotspot in Cabo San Lucas, hosted a spectacular event to celebrate Viernes Santo, combining Good Friday with some lively games from Easter. From the hottest beats to themed cocktails, the atmosphere was electric as locals and tourists alike gathered to mark the occasion. Let's hop into this unforgettable celebration.

Bartender at Easter event in Cabo at El Squid Roe wearing a necklace made of Easter eggs holding two bottles with sparklers.

The Setup:

As the sun began to set on Good Friday, the team at El Squid Roe transformed the venue into a vibrant Easter-meets-lucha libre wonderland. Colorful decorations, Easter eggs, and festive lighting created an atmosphere of joy and celebration. The stage was set for an evening of live entertainment, delicious food, and Easter-themed fun. You might be wondering why the lucha libre theme for “Viernes Santo”? In Mexico, instead of Spring Break, we have Semana Santa, which translates to Wholy Week. One of the most iconic and famous luchadores is El Santo. Our friends at El Squid Roe merged both themes and both occasions and had the Semana Santa event of Cabo.

Shot girl at Easter event in Cabo at El Squid Roe wearing a bunny outfit and holding a bottle.

Themed Cocktails and Easter Treats:

No Easter celebration would be complete without themed cocktails and outfits, and El Squid Roe did not disappoint. The bartenders whipped up creative concoctions inspired by Easter classics, from chocolate martinis to fruity daiquiris with a festive twist. Meanwhile, the staff dressed up for the occasion. Some went as luchadores with fun masks, and others joined in dressed as bunnies.

Easter Egg Hunt and Golden Egg Surprise:

One of the highlights of the evening was the Easter egg hunt, where guests searched high and low for hidden eggs filled with prizes and surprises. But the real excitement came when one lucky guest found the elusive golden egg, winning a special prize that left everyone buzzing with excitement, a free bottle!

Looking Ahead:

As we bid farewell to Viernes Santo, we look forward to the next chapter of celebrations at El Squid Roe. With summer just around the corner, there's no telling what exciting events and experiences await. Whether you're a local or a visitor, be sure to mark your calendars and join us for their Drink-oh de Mayo fiesta next month!

Flyer for El Squid Roe's Drink-Oh de Mayo event.

Viernes Santo in Cabo was a night to remember, blending the traditions of Good Friday with the festivities of Easter in true El Squid Roe style. From fun games to themed cocktails, Easter treats to an epic egg hunt, the event had something for everyone to enjoy. As we reflect on the magic of the evening, we look forward to creating more memories and celebrating together in the days ahead. Until then, may the spirit of Viernes Santo continue to inspire us all.


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