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Best Tacos in Cabo by Type

There are so many different types of tacos; everyone makes them their own with toppings and sauces. We’ve put together a little guide on the best tacos based on what they’re made of.

PAstor tacos with cheese crisp topped with cilantro and onion.
Taco with "Costra" from La Lupita.

Taco de Pastor

Made with split-meat pork, cooked vertically on a top. Typically seasoned with adobada marinade. We recommend the cheese crust.

Downtown Cabo at La Lupita

Taco de Birria

Slowly stewed in a pot, the meat is made so tender. Served with onion, cilantro, and a dash of lime. Don’t forget to dip it in your consome! Some places have quesabirria if you’re looking for a cheesy option.

Downtown Cabo at Birrieria Mary Chuy

Three shrimp tacos served with fresh salsas and guac, paired with an ice cold beer.
Shrimp Taco at El Squid Roe.

Shrimp Taco

Everyone makes their shrimp taco special with their seasoning, the garnishes… You have to hit El Squid Roe for a shrimp taco that is just killer.

Downtown Cabo at El Squid Roe

Beef tacos topped with salsas and served with a Coca Cola.
Arrachera Tacos at Asi & Asado.

Taco de Arrachera

Skirt steak. An authentic beef taco. Don’t be afraid to experiment with sauces!

On the highway towards San Jose del Cabo, across the highway from Costco at Asi y Asado.

Grilled octopus taco topped with crisps, served with a beer.
Taco El Patron at Wachinango's.

Octopus Taco

Grilled octopus marinated with pasilla peppers and chimichurri, topped off with artisan chips. To die for!

Downtown Cabo Taco El Patron at Wachinango’s.

Taco de Guisado

Stew tacos tend to be juicy and delicious. You’ll find options like cochinita pibil (pork in a red sauce), rajas (grilled pepper) most places do cheesy rajas with corn.

Downtown Cabo at Tacos May.

Taco de Cabeza/Lengua

It might sound out of the box, but this is some of the best meat you will have. The tongue is so tender and flavorful.

Downtown Cabo at Tacos El Sebas.

Fish Taco

There are so many fish in the sea, so your options are plenty! Las Gardenias have a variety of fish tacos.

Downtown Cabo at Las Gardenias.


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