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Cabo is the Safest Destination in Mexico

Family with young children walking down the beach.

Mexico is a great country with many things to do, places to visit, a vibrant culture, and its world-known gastronomy.

Many people hear Mexico and immediately think it’s unsafe, not even considering where in Mexico you’re traveling to. With a population of 68,463 people and over 3 million (we’re not exaggerating) visitors yearly, Cabo is clearly a place people like to be. Though the country is a Level 2 Safety (on a scale from 1 to 4) where you need to “increase caution,” Cabo feels like a Level 1, exercising everyday caution.

Cabo is a beautiful beach-side town with nearly perfect year-round weather and magical sunsets. Cabo is home to gorgeous lands and fantastic food.

Getting Around.

Cabo is a pretty easy place to travel within. You could walk from most hotels to the beach, mall, and marina and charter a boat.


Cabo is known for its nightlife; you must experience it. You’re not going to walk around like a goof; you always have to play it safe, especially when traveling.


Like most of the country, Cabo is still taking the necessary precautions so everyone, our visitors and locals, can stay healthy and enjoy the wonders Cabo offers.

Safe for your wallet.

You can easily adjust your trip to any budget size. If you want to go all out, you can find options easily. If you want to be more frugal, you still have many options for food, entertainment, and ways to spend your day. Two-dollar tacos are your worst-case scenario; I'll take that most of my days.

One bad day in Cabo is better than any day at work.


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