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Camping in Cabo

We're going to take you all over Baja California Sur with this guide. Starting off with some nice spots where you can pitch your tent or park your vehicle, and wrapping up with experiences unique to the Baja.

Camp Sites

  • East Cape

  • Mulege

  • Loreto

  • La Ventana

  • Cabo San Lucas- Cerritos, Pescadero Beach

  • San Jose del Cabo-

  • Todo Santos

  • La Paz

  • Punta Arena

  • Barriles


Some people want to go camping but don't want all the planning and organizing that comes with it, we have some ideas for you too! From glamping to experiences unique to Baja Sur, we've got something for everyone.

Sampa camping in Baja Sur. Jeep Wrangler with tent on the roof.
Courtesy of Sampa's Instagram

Leave no Trace with Sampa

I absolutely love this concept! Rent a vehicle depending on how many people are going with you; you can pick between a Jeep Wrangler, Ram Pickup, or a Bukhara UAZ. Wherever you're going, every option can get you there. They're all 4x4! Every vehicle includes all the basics for a great trip: a roof tent, beach parasol, traction pads, first aid kit, and a cooler. But that's not all! You can add more things like hammocks, firewood, a portable stove, or "make your trip epic" by adding surfboards, paddle boards, a kayak, a mountain bike, or an experience, like a whale tour, surf lessons, or climbing lessons. To top it off, they offset their carbon footprint! "How?" you might ask; they work with Forestmatic (an add-on) where you plant your own tree! You even get updates about your tree; how cute is that!

Glamping tent light up in under the night sky.
Courtesy of Chilochill's Instagram

Glamping at Chilochill

Taking camping to a new level, where luxury is the baseline. They have a delicious restaurant, which uses locally sourced ingredients; a beach club with views of the Jaques Cousteau islands; and fun activities, such as mountain biking and kitesurfing lessons. You can really get in touch with nature without leaving comfort behind. You can even purchase packages with lodging, food, and activities to fit you and your group.

Friends camping under the stars at Camp Cecil.
Courtesy of Rancho Las Cruces' Instagram

Gaze at the Stars at Camp Cecil

Located on the island of Espiritu Santo, a short boat ride from La Paz. This site is so removed from the town and all the city lights that you can really see the stars. If you're lucky enough, you can even see the galaxy, visible in the picture. Enjoy snorkeling in one of the best spots in the state and stand-up paddle in pristine waters. The wildlife is so abundant in the area that some visitors have had sea lions swim up to them as they paddleboard!

Treehouse rooms hidden in the palm trees of the East Cape.
Courtesy of Acre Resort's Instagram.

Treehouse Slumber Party at Acre Resort

Rated #3 Sexiest Hotel by Cosmopolitan and #4 Best Tree House Hotel in the world by Travel & Leisure. They have 12 tree houses spread out on 25 acres; this place is truly stunning. Roam the paths and make friends with their peacock, small goats, dogs, and donkey named Burrito. You can even take your own furry friend, but it's an adults-only resort. And the sweetest part is you can have your wedding here! Imagine having an intimate ceremony with your closest friends and loved ones and all spending the night at this gorgeous property.

Glamping tent in the middle of the desert at La Ventana.
Courtesy of Wind Rider Glapming's Instagram.

Retreat to La Ventana with Wind Rider

We mentioned La Ventana as a good spot to set up camp, but there's also a glamping option here! Stay in a luxurious tent with a living room, terrace, fans, and shared bathroom. In the privacy of a Cardon forest, you'll find spacious tents, a bonfire area, a jacuzzi, and a restaurant. Like all the others, they also offer activities, such as kite surf lessons, mountain biking, sports fishing, diving, and swimming with whales, but they offer something I hadn't seen before: spearfishing! Get in touch with your primal side and try to catch a fish the old-fashioned way.


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