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Children's Day at El Squid Roe

El Squid Roe is a popular nightclub and restaurant located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. They are known for their vibrant atmosphere, playlists, and entertainment. However, last Friday, El Squid Roe transformed into a festive celebration for children. It was a day filled with fun activities, treats, and surprises.

Guests and characters at El Squid Roe celebrating Children's Day.

Together, El Squid Roe and the Letty Coppel Foundation organized an unforgettable event for the children of Cabo San Lucas. The event was held in honor of Children's Day, a holiday that is celebrated on April 30th in Mexico. Children's Day is a time to recognize the importance of children in society and to show appreciation for their innocence, joy, and wonder.

Hulk, SuperGirl, SpiderMan, Woody, Pocahontas, Luigi, and Master Roshi all around a cake.

The Letty Coppel Foundation

The Letty Coppel Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of children and families in need. They have a long-standing history of philanthropy and community service in Cabo San Lucas. The foundation has supported a range of projects, including the construction of schools, the provision of medical care, and the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The Main Fiesta

The event started in the early afternoon, with families and children arriving at El Squid Roe to join the festivities. The venue was decorated with colorful balloons, the staff joined in the fun by dressing up as superheroes, Toy Story characters, and princesses. There were face painters and balloon artists on hand to create whimsical designs and characters for the children. The faces of the children lit up with excitement and wonder as they watched the artists at work.

SpiderMan helping break open the piñata at El Squid Roe.

In addition to the face painting and balloon art, there were piñatas that the children could take turns hitting. The piñatas were filled with toys, candy, and other surprises. Spider-Man even helped break the piñatas open! It was a joyous moment that brought smiles to everyone's faces.

Characters next to toy donations for Children's Day party at El Squid Roe.

The highlight of the event was the distribution of toys to the children. Thanks to the Letty Coppel Foundation, every child who attended the event received a toy to take home. The toys ranged from stuffed animals to board games to action figures. The children were thrilled to receive a gift, and their gratitude was heartwarming.

The event was a great success, and it wouldn't have been possible without the collaboration between El Squid Roe and the Letty Coppel Foundation. The event was a testament to the power of community and the importance of giving back. The Letty Coppel Foundation has a long history of supporting the community, and this event was just one example of their dedication to making a positive impact.


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