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Family Friendly Things to do in Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is famous for its party, but there are so many activities you can do with your family, including the little ones!

Sunset Catamaran

The sunsets are always magical in Cabo, but seeing them from the ocean hits different. Take a ride around the water and even check out the Arch!

Man flying through the sky in front of the Arch of Cabo propelled by a Flyboard.


Fun for most ages! Experience the thrill of Flyboarding with a private lesson at Medano Beach. Your instructor covers all the basics of this exhilarating water sport.

And adult and a child riding an ATV on the desert near the beach of Cabo.


Some kids may be too young to drive, but two can ride on most ATVs! It's so fun to go up and down the dunes or just trail along the shore of the beach.

Whale watching

Eight different types of whales travel to Cabo annually: Killer whales, Humpback, Sperm Whale, Blue Whale, Gray Whale, Bryde's Whale, and Fin Whale. You can start seeing them from November to mid-April.

Sandy shore covered with newly born turtles.

Release turtles

We're lucky enough to have some beaches where turtles come and lay their eggs. Turtles like to lay their eggs where they were born, so you will find them at the same beaches yearly. August and September are the best months to see and assist them.


Something is always waiting to snag your line in Los Cabos, from tuna to marlin. Let your kids join the fun and catch their own! You can't imagine how proud they'll be.

Two women riding a kayak towards the Arch of Cabo, the one in front taking a picture.


A great little workout! You can kayak from Medano Beach to Lover's Beach in an hour or so. Just make sure to keep an eye on your group; you don't want anyone staying behind!


Admire the marine wildlife in its natural habitat! So many different types of fish and corals to see; your kids' faces will light up when they swim close to them.

Woman hanging from the zip line, leaning back.

Zip lines

You'll have a blast zooming through the desert sky! There is a bit of a trek from line to line, so stay hydrated!


There are a couple of mountains in Cabo, and you can catch beautiful views from them! This is extra fun when you have a dog.

Puerto Paraiso mall seef through the marina with boats and palm trees in front of it.

Walk down the Marina

You can find almost anything in the marina! From restaurants to shopping, there is something to do every step of the way!


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