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How to Cure that New Year's Hangover

Hopefully, by today everyone is feeling 100, but if you're like me and a hangover is a multiple-day ordeal, I have a couple of tips to cut it short.

Stay Hydrated

If you drink water in between drinks, your hangover won't be that bad, though it might be a little late for that tip. But staying hydrated after is also key.


I've always heard about eating greasy foods, but when I'm hungover, my stomach is so sensitive I can barely think about it. Eating bland food like toast or crackers will help settle your stomach.

Take a Pain Killer

Everyone knows this one, take an over-the-counter pain reliever, and you'll start to feel better. Watch out: Aspirin might upset your stomach.

Sleep it Off

You pushed your body to its limits, and now it needs rest.


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