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How to Follow Through on New Year's Resolutions

Setting New Year's Resolutions is a great way to start healthy habits that we hope will follow us through, not just this year, but for the rest of our lives. But when it's a drastic change, it may be hard to keep up with it. Here are some tips that may help you.

Create a Habit Tracker

You don't have to buy anything fancy, but being able to see on paper, your computer, or even your phone when you've worked on your goal helps.

Don't Set Unattainable Goals

It's great to want to go big, but taking little baby steps is better than being upset with yourself for making no progress. Goals are good, but you need to keep your physical and mental health in mind.

Reward Yourself

Every time you've been on track for a while, reward yourself with a treat that aligns with your goal. For example, your goal is to go running three times a week, and you've hit it this week, make yourself a healthy version of your favorite smoothie.

Be Kind to Yourself

It's great you want to improve as a person. So, if you skip a day, don't treat it like the end of the world, there are 365 days for you to work on it this year.


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