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International Beer Day

Four beers being held together for a toast.

Most of us enjoy kicking back with a nice, cold beer in our hand, beer is so loved that there is an international day to celebrate it! Though some countries have their own day, like Germany celebrates it on April 23, the rest of the world celebrates it on the first Friday of August. This year it falls on August 5th.

History of Beer

Beer is very important in many cultures. The first recipe for it can be found in the code of Hammurabi that was written in 1700 BCE. Beer has its roots in Mesopotamia and traveled around the world, where different cultures affected it, including Greeks, Romans, and Germans. In the Babylonian empire, it got better and better.

Types of Beer

There are so many types of beer due to how they're made or what they're made with. We're breaking down for you the most popular types of beer.

Chart showing the different colors of Lagers and Ales.


Ales tend to be more malty and aromatic than lagers, with fuller bodies and more complex flavors.

Pale Ale sitting on a log with a desert scene for the background.
Pale ale.

Pale Ales

Known for their bitterness, pale ales can be anything from light and refreshing to heavy.


They get their flavor from Belgian wheat, these can be light or dark.


The name says it all, some describe the flavor as tart or bitter. Sours get their particular taste by introducing certain yeasts or letting time have its toll on the exposed beer.


Light to medium bodied. These beers are versatile in taste, as you can introduce different flavors and ingredients.


Dark and nutty, these tend to be medium-bodied and not too hoppy.


From the UK, these are known for their dark color, light roast, and sweetness.


Roasted, heavy, and dark. They can be made in various ways with different ingredients.


Lagers tend to be lighter and crisper than ales, though exceptions exist.

Glass of Amber Beer resting on a bar.
Amber beer.

Dark Lagers

Don't let the darkness fool you; these beers are not that heavy, and they're lightly hopped.

Pale Lagers

Light in color and body, these pale lagers are carbonated and a little hoppy.


Their color ranges from brown to black, and body from medium to heavy. Very flavorful and malty, not too hoppy.


Identifiable by their amber to deep red color, these can be ales or lagers.


Not all beers fall into a category so neatly. Think holiday flavors or seasonal options.


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