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International Day of Rum

Rum being poured into a tumbler garnished with an orange peel.

Every August 16, we celebrate the classic Caribbean alcoholic beverage distilled from sugar cane by-products, well-loved by pirates, and many more.

Let me tell you a bit more about Rum.

Stacks of barrels of Rum.

It all started when the Spanish arrived in America in the 16th century. They arrived in the Dominican Republic and Haiti with plans to grow cane on these lands. Over time, the cane was also used to create alcoholic beverages, mainly in Barbados, the oldest rum distillery, established in 1703.

Rum arrived in North America around 1760, but the English imposed taxes on cane and its by-products, affecting rum production.

The Prohibition Law in the US increased rum consumption, even though it is illegal, since they directly smuggled it into the Caribbean.

Even through all these hard times, Rum is one of the most consumed alcoholic drinks. The United States was the first to celebrate rum on August 16, and from there, the whole world joined the party.

Types of Rum

Mojito garnished with lime and mint.

White Rum

This rum is not aged; it has a slightly drier taste than the others. This is the rum used in mojitos.

Golden Rum

This rum is aged in barrels that give it its yellow color and a particular flavor of wood, apple, and spices such as cinnamon.

Dark Rum

It is aged in the same way as the Dorado, but for a longer time. This gives it a more intense flavor of nuts, oak, and even caramel.


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