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Legends of Los Cabos

Antique hand-drawn map of Cabo San Lucas.

The Curse of Cabo San Lucas

A long time ago, a ship with people sick with yellow fever had tried to disembark in La Paz. But since they saw that they were sick, they were denied entry. From there, they went to the port of Cabo without being able to get food or water. Arriving in Cabo San Lucas, they were denied entry again. An old woman with a baby in her arms asked them to at least give them food and something to drink. Not only did they deny them again, but they threw food and drinks into the sea in front of them, mocking them. This caused anger in the old woman and everyone on the ship. The woman cursed everyone on the pier, that they would die in horrible ways and that Cabo San Lucas will one day be covered by the sea and disappear.

Pearls resting inside of a clam.

El Mechudo

A "mechudo" is what you call a man with long hair, but it's also an area north of La Paz. Our legend begins with a man looking for pearls to sell. The custom is to give the church the first pearl they find. But, our Mechudo found a giant pearl; he didn't want to give it to the church. As the pearl was kept, it is said that the entire group that accompanied him died with him.

Woman in black standing ominously in a graveyard.

The Lady in Black

They say that at night, a woman dressed in black is seen leaving the cemetery. She calls a taxi and asks him to take her to a church. Upon arrival, she asks him to wait for her. She bows before the door and prays. As soon as he finishes, she asks him to return to the cemetery, where she gets lost in the mist. If you see the woman in black, you have to cleanse to eliminate the bad vibes.

Hotel California standing proud with it's name in gold.

Hotel California

A little out of Cabo, but a very popular legend. They tell of a woman who offers drinks to men staying at the hotel, tempting them to stay there forever. It's said she is the devil.

Cave hidden in rocky hills bu The Arch of Cabo.

San Andres Cave

Located near the Arch, two go in, and three go out...

The Pirate's Cave

In the 16th century, there was a pirate known to be very tough, even among pirates, Captain Storm. He stole his treasure from everyone he could, which came to a very large sum. So big that there was a bounty on his head.

Painting of Spanish galleons sailing away from the viewer.

He knew that many would try to go after him, so he decided to hide his treasure. In a cave between the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, where the waves themselves could protect their riches. And cursed the cave.

Years later, it is said that a woman was walking with her son, that something called her to one of the caves near the Arch. She was surprised to see pearls, gold, and gems upon entering. Her son starts to tell her, "Mom, let's go," but at the same time, another voice told her "Take all you can," and that's what she tried to do. She filled her pockets, and her hands were full when her son told her, "The cave is closing!" she grabbed more and more and began to run. Outside the cave, she realizes that her son was not with her. She turns to see the rocks where the cave's opening used to be and sees how the silhouette of her son's face slowly forms with a soft smile.


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