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New Year's Resolution Ideas

New Year's is one of my favorite holidays; it's the perfect time to reflect on the past year and assess what made you grow and how you can improve. There are eight areas in life where we can set goals: career, finances, health, family, self-development, relationships, spirituality, and fun & passions. Growing in all of these areas is key to living a well-rounded life. It's great to exceed in some areas, but not if it puts other aspects of your life on the back burner. What's the point of putting so many hours into your career if it drags your mental/ physical health down?

We'll be setting some resolutions for every aspect, some are easier said than done, and others just take minimal effort.


Be Proactive

Get Certified or Take Extra Courses

Work for the Promotion

Be a Better Coworker


Put Money Aside for a Rainy Day

Every Time You Spend, Save the Change

Have a No-Spend Day (weekly, monthly)

Open a Savings Account (and don't touch it)

Unsubscribe to Unnecessary Monthly Subscriptions

Pay Off your Credit Card Debt


Stretch Every Morning

Start Taking the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Go for a Walk

Quit Smoking

Drink More Water

Cut Down on Sugar

Take Mental Health Breaks

Eat Cleaner


Have Lunch with Your Family More Often

FaceTime Long Distance Family Members

Spend More Quality Time

Do Fun Activities on the Weekends

Self Development

Read a Book

Learn a New Language

Play Mind Games

Do Things Out of Your Comfort Zone


Learn to Love Yourself

(the longest relationship you will have is with yourself)

Be the Friend You Want

Have Date Night

Improve Communication


Read Books

Find a Mentor

Join Groups Where You Can Share Your Journey/ Ideas

Fun & Passions

Find a New Hobby

Check Stuff Off Your Bucket List

Travel More

Explore the Town You Live In

Do More of What You Love


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