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The Perfect Night in Cabo San Lucas

Having a good time in Cabo is as easy as 1, 2, 3. But we have a list with 7 bars to visit; lined up just a brisk walk to get to them all. We're going to start on the main drag a little further down and make our way up to the heart of downtown.

Slims Elbow Room

Hit the smallest bar in town, maybe even the world, and start the night off with a round of tequila shots. Beware, all they serve is beer and tequila. Their specialty is triple distilled Cinco Perros. Buy a shirt or hat and get a free shot!


Paint the town all sorts of colors with Rainbow shots. Located inside Plaza Los Mariachis, this sits right between Slims and Jungle Bar. They have a live band every now and again.

Jungle Bar

Enjoy some live music with JägerBombs. This is the spot for the older, American crowd that wants to go out and party with classic rock n roll instead of pop or dance music.

Giggling Marlin

Upside-down shots! Get hung by your feet and spun for the full experience. They also have Karaoke! From here, there's a short walk to the next bar; get ready for some fresh air.

Nowhere Bar

Get a "jarrita" (a pitcher) of your favorite drink and dance on the light-up dance floor. Located in Plaza Bonita facing the marina, they have a lovely view of the boats.

Dice Cocktail Bar

Chill out for a minute with a game of beer pong. P.S. it doesn't have to be beer; feel free to order a mezcalita and pour that into your cups or play water pong and enjoy your drink.

El Squid Roe

Finish the night off dancing on the tables with a liter of any drink you want. Don't worry; they're made to hold a good amount of weight, so pull your friends up there with you! If you want to take your experience to the next level, reserve an Experience with us! Get Express entry, premium bottles, your table or VIP area (depending on your package).

Remember, having a good time is all about the vibe; if you're in a good mood, it will spread to those around you!

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