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10 Ways to Spice Up Your Homemade Cup of Coffee

There is no better way to start the day than with a warm cup of coffee or a nice tall glass of iced coffee. We've talked before about the Best Cafés in Cabo, but today we want to talk about how you can make your homemade cup of joe feel like a barista just handed it to you. Some recipes are simple, with one ingredient or an easy trick to make a big difference; others might send you to the supermarket for syrups and more.

Hot Mocha

Easy - 1 Extra Ingredient

Take your cup of coffee; before you add milk or sugar, throw a pack of powdered hot cocoa mix in there. Stir it up and taste-test it; you might not even want to add milk!

Alternative: Add a chunk of dark chocolate to your coffee to give it the decadent mocha flavor. This also makes for a healthier option!

Add a Taste of the Holidays

Easy - 1 Extra Ingredient

This one is so simple and looks too cute. Stir your coffee with a candy cane! This will give it a little taste of freshness; if you want a more potent taste, add more candy canes.

Pro tip: you can mix the last two recipes for a peppermint mocha.

Subtle Cinnamon

Easy - 1 Extra Ingredient

For this simple trick that I picked up from my mother, you just have to put a cinnamon stick in your boiling coffee water. Then prepare your coffee like you usually would. This also works with a french press!

Condensed Milk

Easy - 1 Extra Ingredient

You might not even need sugar for this one! Add a spoonful of condensed milk to your cup of hot or cold coffee. This also makes your coffee a bit thicker.

Iced Coffee Dessert To Go


Take your favorite iced coffee recipe and pour it into a popsicle mold. You'll have your caffeine fix in a fun way, and it is so easy to take with you anywhere.

S'mores Coffee

Easy - 3 Extra Ingredients

If you like s'mores and coffee, this is the drink for you. Once you have your cup of hot or cold coffee, top it off with marshmallow fluff, chocolate drizzle, and crushed graham crackers. If you're doing iced coffee, drizzle some chocolate in your glass before you pour your coffee, it looks so cute!

Iced Matcha Latte

Easy - 5 Ingredients

Mix one cup of milk, 1 or 2 teaspoons of matcha, and one tablespoon of vanilla syrup. Pour over ice and enjoy!

Honey Vanilla Iced Late

Easy - 5 Ingredients

Take a glass and fill it with ice. Mix two shots of espresso with as much honey as you'd like. Pour your mix over the ice, and fill the rest of the glass with your milk of choice or as much milk as you prefer. Then drizzle in a little bit of vanilla extract, and done!

Oreo Milk

Easy - 2 Extra Ingredients

It might sound a bit crazy, but give it a whirl; you might love it! We all love to dip our cookies, so why not make Oreo Milk! Take 4 Oreos and crush them, add milk, and blend. It won't be smooth, you'll have some cookie bumps, but they're tasty! Enjoy it with your hot or iced drinks. If you don't really care for Oreos, you can do this with almost any cookie! I'd highly recommend Canelitas; they're sweet cinnamon cookies, they're delicious dipped in coffee, so just imagine!

These are some fun and simple ways to change up your cup of coffee; which will you try?


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