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Best Time to Go to Los Cabos

Though the weather is close to perfect year-round in Los Cabos, there are better times in the year to visit than others. We'll go through the whole year, what to expect each season, and you decide when it's best for you to take a trip to Cabo.

A small boat riding in front of the Arch of Cabo on a bright, sunny day.


You might not think it, but summer is the low tourist season. Being a desert, we have a dry heat that might be a bit much for those that are not used to it. This also makes it the most economical time to visit. From flights to hotels, you'll find deals during this period.

August - September.

Though it barely rains here, we do have a "hurricane season" that might bring a tropical storm or some light showers. We start to get some rainfall in the fall.

Whale jumping out of the water, doing a back flip.

October - November.

It's the start of the excellent travel season. With holidays right around the corner, so many parties and celebrations are waiting for you. November is when you can start to see the whale migration through the Sea of Cortez. An amazing experience!

Couple walking on the beach, holding hands, wearing red swimsuits and Santa hats.

December - February.

Most people travel to Los Cabos during this period to escape the cold in their hometowns. Christmastime is part of our busy season; come deck the halls with some sand between your toes! Since it is a little cooler than the rest of the year, this is prime time to do some outdoor activities like riding ATVs or going to the zip lines. New Year's is a massive party in Los Cabos; you can't miss it!

People enjoying the party at El Squid Roe.

March - April.

Different schools have different Spring Breaks, but you will definitely find loads of tourists and parties during this time. There is no Spring Break like a Cabo Spring Break!

May - June.

If you want to skip the crowds, this is the time to go. There is a two-month window between the holiday crowds and the rainy season; take advantage of it while you can!

Keep in mind, that it's always best to book your flights and where you will be staying some time in advance.


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