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How to Get Around in Cabo

Cabo is filled with so many activities, sights, and places to go. We'll talk about the best ways to move around the city and make the most of your trip.

Cabo airport exterior on a semi cloudy day.


When you arrive in Los Cabos, you actually get to San Jose del Cabo. If you're staying in San Jose, it's a short drive to your hotel, Airbnb, or wherever you're staying. Recommendation: Uber, taxi.

If you're staying in Cabo San Lucas, it's a longer drive to get there. You can go through the Tourist Corridor, a section of the interstate lined with hotels and gorgeous beaches. Or you can take the mountain ride, curing your way to Cabo.

Recommendation: Uber.

View of the marina in Cabo from the mall Puerto Paraiso, hills in the background.


When moving through Cabo, you can find something new every step of the way, that's why I'd suggest walking. If you can take the heat and sunshine, walking is an excellent option. But if your destination is a little further out than walking distance, you can find a cheap Uber to anywhere.

Recommendation: Walking, Uber.

San Jose street lined with buildings, colorful papel picado from side to side of the street.

San Jose

Staying in Cabo and want to spend a day or some time in San Jose? An Uber to get out there might be a little more expensive than just getting around Cabo, but still cheaper than taking a taxi. The bus is also an option to get from Cabo to San Jose, only if you're comfortable. But once you're in San Jose, you can walk to most restaurants, galleries, or stores.

Recommendation: Walking, Uber.


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