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Cabo in November

Cabo is known for its gorgeous beaches, friendly people, luxurious hotels, gourmet restaurants, and so much more. But what sets it apart during the month of November? We'll talk a little about what to expect, such as weather, water temps, things to do, and a couple of tips to make the most out of your November vacation in Cabo.


The weather is close to perfect year-round. With hurricane season right behind us, there should be nothing but clear skies and sunshine all November long. Here's what you can expect in November:

Courtesy of AccuWeather.


🐋 Whale migration starts from November to March.

🗺️ November kicks off the start of the tourist season. You won't see that many people at the start of the month, but we're a bit busier by the end of the month.

🌊 The sea temp isn't as hot as September, but not as cool as January- June, so you'll want to be in the water a lot more. Get some snorkeling or diving in while you can!

☀️ With gorgeous weather, this is also a great time to do all the outdoor activities you want, ziplining, camel rides, ATV's, anything and everything! Check out how to save on activities, services, and dining here.


November 2: Day of the Dead 💀

November 2-5: Cabo Tuna Jackpot 🎣

November 9-13: Los Cabos International Film Festival 🎬

November 19: Great Festivals of Monologues 🏆

November 21: Mexican Revolution Anniversary (third Monday of November) 🇲🇽

November 24: Thanksgiving 🦃

November 25: Los Cabos Tattoo Fest 🤘

Will we be seeing you in Cabo this November?


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