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Cabo Marina Highlights

There is so much to do on the marina of Cabo San Lucas. We're going to walk you from one end to the other, mentioning all the spots worth hitting. Warning: it might be a lot for one day (you can walk the walk, but there are a lot of good restaurants on the way!)

Courtesy of Breathless Bar's Instagram.

Breathless Pool Bar

Lounge, drink, and enjoy the gorgeous sights as you watch the boats head out of the marina, the waves roll in, and soak in the Mexican sun.

Fisherman's Landing

Enjoy some fresh seafood with delicious drinks. They also cook your catch!

Courtesy of Marina Fiesta's Instagram.

Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa

Lovely resort with all the amenities. You really can't get closer to the action than this; a short walk to downtown if you want to experience the nightlife; right next door to the mall for some light shopping, and a couple of blocks away from the beach to get some water activities in, or work on your tan.

Courtesy of Luxury Avenue's Instagram.

Luxury Avenue

As the name implies, you can find almost any luxury brand here, Fendi, Carolina Herrera, Lacost, Montblanc, Pandora, Swarovski, and many more.

Puerto Paraiso

If you want to go shopping but don't want to spend that much money, the mall is connected to Luxury Avenue.

Courtesy of La Casa Country's Instagram.

Casa Country

Enjoy some of the best Mexican food you'll find on the marina. With delicious cuts of steak paired with wines from all over the world.

Da Vinci's

Serving the best Italian food on the marina. With brick oven pizza, pasta, antipasti, and much more.

Courtesy of Arts & Sushi's Instagram.

Arts & Sushi

The name tells you all you need to know. They serve delicious sushi that you can revel in while you soak in the art that decorates the place. Did you know you can buy the pieces of art? Check them out; you might find something you like!

The Nowhere Bar

Known for their party during the night, this is an icon of Cabo. But did you know they also have The Kitchen? They serve the best Mediterranean food you will find on the marina; it truly is just amazing.

Letter of the Cabes.

Baja Coffee Company

Looking for a morning pick-me-up? This is the spot to hit! They have anything from your regular cup of Joe to a delicious iced coffee that pairs delightfully with the Mexican heat.

Letters Of The Cabes

Everyone needs a picture with the Cabo letters! Take a stroll down the marina and hit this spit for the perfect photo op.

Courtesy of Bobba & Chill's Facebook.

Boba & Chill

Who doesn't like a good boba? Get a refreshing drink and stroll to keep you cool as you check out the rest of the marina or before you head out on a boat trip.

Marlin Sculpture

Get your picture taken with this stunning sculpture of a Marlin. It's truly a sight to be seen!

Captain Tony's

Delicious seafood, but they also have killer brick oven pizza. They make great drinks, like margaritas, mojitos, and smoothies.

Courtesy of Cabo Adventures' Instagram.

Cultural Pavilion of the Republic

Host of all things art and culture, they recently hosted the Los Cabos Film Festival a couple of weeks ago. They have gallery spaces and theaters where they showcase movies, ballets, and artist showcases.

Cabo Adventures

You can swim with the dolphins here or schedule your next adventure. They have anything from ATV tours to zip lines and even camel rides!

Plaza Gali

This little mall is located on the opposite end of the marina than Puerto Paraiso. The cruises dock on this end, and this is a great opportunity to get some shopping done or get a bite to eat.


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