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Can't-Miss activities during December in Cabo

Many people visit Cabo during the winter to escape the cold from their hometowns. Though the weather does get a bit less hot than usual, especially during the morning and evenings, it doesn't compare to many parts of the US. We want to share the best things to do during the month of December in Cabo; some might take a short drive out to La Paz or San Jose, but it's well worth it.

Art Walk in San Jose

Held every Thursday, the Art Walk is your chance to see the newest pieces in the galleries. Stroll down the street, take in the art, and grab a tasty bite. The event happens year-round but is much better without the heat. Just grab a light sweater, and you're good to go!

Kitesurfing at La Ventana

The best time to kitesurf is usually between November and April. And we have the best place to do it in all of Mexico, just a 2-hour drive away. This is a great spot for those who are new to the sport and are just starting to learn too. Don't be shy and ride the wind!

Keep Warm with a Tequila Tasting

It's not a trip to Mexico without a shot of tequila or two. You'll find many places offering tequila tastings lining the streets. This is only for the brave because I know that after three or four shots, I'm done. Find your new favorite tequila if you dare.

Visit Agricole Cooperativa in Pescadero

Agricole Cooperativa is an organic whole foods store, bakery, and café, that grows their own fruits and vegetables, bakes their own bread, and just kills it all around. They have the most scrumptious strawberries and they use them to make the best strawberries and cream you will find in Baja California Sur. They're a drive away from Cabo, but you can find other things to do in Pescadero (a quaint surfer town near Todos Santos. If you want some ideas on what to do while in Todos Santos, check out this blog post.)

Ring in the New Year at El Squid Roe

Like every year, our friends at El Squid Roe are throwing the wildest New Year's party to wrap up 2022 and welcome 2023. Have you booked your table yet? This year, they're doing the most with their indoor fireworks, a show you won't forget. Just check out last year's.

Swim with Whale Sharks in La Paz

A two-hour drive away from Cabo, La Paz is one of the best spots to swim with whale sharks. They are the largest fish species still in existence. Though they are sharks (the largest sharks too,) and their mouth can be 5 feet wide, with three rows of about 300 tiny rasplike teeth, they are filter-fish, meaning they feed on plankton, so they are not a danger to humans.

Humpback Whale Watching

Typically, you can start to see whales in Cabo from early to mid-December, but this year, we've been seeing them since last month! It's a beautiful experience; you can see families swimming together, watch them jump around, make splashes, and hear their songs. You'll be able to get some amazing pictures, no doubt!

What are you looking forward to most this December? If we missed it, tell us in the comments.


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