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Eco-minded Cabo

Shore of the Sea of Cortez lined with buildings.

Cabo is known for its luxury, but it's all set in a natural beauty. The sandy desert meets the Sea of Cortes, which Jacques Cousteau called "the world's aquarium." Baja California Sur is home to diverse ecosystems where you can experience amazing, one-on-ones with marine life without harming and minimizing your carbon footprint.

Eco-tours like Cabo Pulmo are excellent at teaching everyone, from tourists to locals, about the magical ecosystems right beneath the waterline and how we can not only prevent harm to it but how we can help it thrive. Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park was established in 1995; since then, they've been committed to protecting the marine environment and sustainable fishing practices.

Different sectors like hotels and grocers are playing their part too! Many hotels have implemented the option to reuse your towel and save water with fewer washes. A couple of steps in the right direction are auto-off air-conditioning and growing their own organic vegetables and herbs. Most of the stores you go to don't have plastic bags, though they might have options for you to purchase. When shopping around, I like to have a big tote and keep everything in one bag. Take your reusable bags for places like grocery stores or gestation when you're getting more than a handful.

Farmer's market with tents, crates full of fruits and vegetables, surrounded by trees.

How can you do your part while on vacation? Going on the right tours, whale watching, turtle egg catching, there are options for you to live these experiences. Going to restaurants that grow their own veggies sustainably or even visiting the formats market on the weekend are ways you can help, every little bit matters!

This is just the beginning; you can help the environment every day and anywhere! Share with us how you do your part in the comments.


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