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FAQ's About El Squid Roe

Our friends at El Squid Roe have been in Cabo for 33 years. They were the first nightclub in town and still one of the most popular ones today. Being around for so long, some questions are sure to pop up, like "What does El Squid Roe mean?", "When was it established?" or what events they have lined up for 2023. Let's get into the most frequently asked questions about El Squid Roe.

What does "El Squid Roe" mean?

It's a funny play on words: combining "skid roe," a place where all the crazies gather, and "squid row," to give it a marine twist since they're right between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. They've created a watering hole for all the party animals.

Do I have to pay to get into El Squid Roe?

They do not handle a cover fee, but a minimum consumption that is paid upon arrival that includes two house drinks.

Who owns El Squid Roe?

"El Squid Roe was the brain-child of owners Carlos Anderson and his best friend Billy in 1989. What began as a simple bar built from a rented warehouse quickly turned into a must-dine destination." - Cabo Rentals

Does El Squid Roe do bottle service?

They do! When you book a bottle service experience, you get the following:

  1. Express entry into El Squid Roe (each table has a specific number of entries included, extra guests will be required to purchase extra experiences).

  2. Table* in the reserved area.

  3. The deposit paid to reserve your table goes towards the total amount.

Where can I reserve my table?

You can see all their Experiences and book your table here.

Events at El Squid Roe for 2023

They have a bunch of themed parties coming up for 2023! Like a Stoplight Party on Valentine's Day, so everyone can celebrate and even find love, St. Patrick's Day Bash, where even the beer will be green, and many more! See them here.

El Squid Roe Spring Break

They're famous for throwing the craziest Spring Break parties in all of Cabo San Lucas, RSVP for it here.

Is there an "All You Can Drink" option for El Squid Roe?

They have two options for you! A two hour "All You Can Drink Special + Main Dish" (with options like Mayan Fish, Victoria Chicken, Chicken Molcajete, Almost Famous Ribs, Chicken Fajitas, Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, Fish/Shrimp Tacos) or "PREMIUM All You Can Drink" with premium liquor all the same options as before ANDmore like Pepper Steak, Catch of the Day, New York, Rib Eye, BBQ Stuffed Shrimp, Mayan Fish. Reserve yours here.

For more information, check out their FAQ's on their website or reach out to them at


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