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February Events at El Squid Roe

This month is packed with things to do for everyone. Whether you like football or Rihanna, the big game is just a week away! Valentine's Day is right after that. No partner? No problem! This year, there's a party for everyone, coupled up, in a situationship, or single and ready to mingle. And, of course, the main event we're all waiting for, SPRING BREAK.

Super Bowl Tailgate Party

Sunday, February 12

Enjoy the much-awaited game between Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles on their jumbotron LED screens, with ice-cold beers, delicious burgers, steaks, and more. Did we mention they have a 2x1 special on drinks? Get yourself a liter of your favorite drink, and the second one is free; sounds like a great time!

Valentine's Day Stoplight Party

Tuesday, February 14

If you're not familiar with how a Stoplight Party works, let me explain. Everyone will have a colored cup, red if you're in a relationship, green if you're single, and yellow for everyone in between. This way, you know who's here looking for love or just looking to have a good time.

Spring Break Cabo 2023

Friday, February 24– Sunday, April 9

Cabo is one of THE Spring Break destinations in the world, and El Squid Roe is the place to be. Live the nights you won't remember with the people you won't forget at the most iconic and popular nightclub in all of Cabo San Lucas. This year they have various partners and are organizing a couple of events like concerts and more! Here is a little teaser; if you want to see the explicit version, head over to our YouTube channel. Book your VIP experience here.


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