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Fun Finds at El Squid Roe

The three-story house of madness has been partying for 33 years now, and throughout all those years, they've collected some pretty fun memorabilia. We've gathered some things you might not have noticed.

Marilyn Monroe

Do your makeup with the star herself! You'll find her in the women's restroom, touching up her lipstick. Well, you'll find her all over the women's restroom; she's not hard to miss.

Wall of Shame

El Squid Roe throws such an amazing party that they've drawn too many celebrities to count. Athletes, porn stars, actors, and even OJ Simpson. Characters like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Paris Hilton, Drake, both of them, Aubrey and Bell, Lil John, Lance Armstrong, Dana White, and many, many more have partied there.

La Combi

You might know it as a Volkswagen Bus, but to us, it's the famous Combi. This functional piece has been a part of the decor for as long as I can remember. Though some things have changed, like the stickers multiplying and covering the windshield, they have some interesting designs on there!

Juan Dollar

This is a new addition; it reads: "El que dice que el dinero no compra la felicidad, no lo esta usando bien" which translates to "He who says money doesn't buy happiness, isn't spending it right."

Beyoncé the Riveter

"We can do it!" Yes, we can dance in high heels, drink with the big guns; we can do anything we set our minds to. A fun play on a classic, Rosie the Riveter was a cultural icon that was created during the Second World War. She represented all the women who went from being homemakers to working in factories and shipyards. Beyoncé the Riveter represents all the things the modern woman can do.

The Sirena and The Borracho

Have you ever played Loteria? It's a classic board game in Mexico with Italian roots. It's like bingo, but instead of numbers and letters, we have fun characters like the drunk, the mermaid, the moon, and so on. Instead of having the classic "Women" and "Men" signs, they have a fun version of the Mermaid and the Drunk Cards.

Madagascar Characters Crashing the Party

You can see King Julien leading the crew; either Mason or Phil, the monkey with the sharp pilot's outfit; and the lineup of penguins we all know and love on the plane's wing from the left to right, Private, Rico, Skipper, and Kowalski.

Use in Caso of Emergency

We've all been there. You're dancing, and all of a sudden, you do not feel that well; the drinks sneak up on you, and you just have to hurry to the restroom or a trash can. I'm sure this piece of decor is a joke, so please don't throw up in it. There's a trashcan under it; it's also easier to use.


We all love a cougar, and there are many of them at El Squid Roe. Many people pass the sign, giggle and point it out to their friends.

Drake's Lost BlackBerry

We all know the famous lines:

Well, we found it! And it has some sus texts on there... Check it out!

Double Decker Bus

A fan favorite, this bus serves multiple functions: the bottom is a bar where you can get any drink you'd like, and the top is a secluded seating area with cheetah couches and red lights that make for great pictures. Fun Fact: this past October, the bus was turned pink to create awareness for breast cancer.

What's your favorite piece of decor? Share it with us in the comments, and if you have a picture, we'd love to see it!


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