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How to Spend the Holidays Abroad

Having spent most of my Christmases in Cabo and my last seven in the USA, I know there's a difference you feel in your heart. But some people really need to escape the winter freeze. If you're traveling this holiday season and don't want to feel that blue, we have some tips for you to stay in the spirits and enjoy your festive vacation.

Bring a piece of Home with You

There are some traditions you don't want to miss. If you usually spend the day surrounded by your family, but this year you're all the way across the country or halfway across the world, FaceTime them! There are so many ways to keep in touch with your loved ones; you just have to put in some effort.

When in Rome

Don't worry too much about how you usually spend this time of year and go with the flow. Spend this time in this land, as the locals do. If you're used to a white Christmas, where you spend your day building snowmen with your family, and you chose to go to a place like Cabo (where we will never see snow), maybe spend the day building sand castles.

Bring your Favorite Tunes with You

With so many services like Spotify, YouTube, or whatever you like, it's so simple to make a playlist packed with all your favorite holiday tunes. Play this while driving, while doing some grocery shopping, or doing anything!

Have a Holiday Feast

While you travel, you are bound to find some great restaurants with great options to keep you in the holiday spirit.

Leave a Little Something Behind

Before you head out on your holiday trip, leave a little (or big, do you) gift for those who aren't going to travel with you. Hide it under the tree, or leave a cute little note telling them how much you miss them and to wait until Christmas morning to open it.

Do you have any tips on how to spend the holidays in a foreign land? We'd love to hear them.


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