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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween weekend is upon us, and some of us are not really ready for it. We're here to inspire you to pull something together out of pieces you might already own.

Holy Cow

Starting off with a silly one. All you need is cow print, wings, and a halo. We've included gold accessories that represent the cow tags and a pink purse, you know as the utter.

Little Devil

A classic; I think we've all been a devil once. Your base is an all-red outfit, a dress, skirt and top, pants, or whatever brings out your devilish side. Don't forget the basics for a devil costume: horns, a tail, and a pitchfork. If you want your horns to be not so basic, you can make them yourself! Grab a couple of makeup sponges and cut them into shape; if they look a bit rough, it'll look good, trust the process. Paint them red and add some shading with black. Paint a base on your forehead with black and red eyeshadow and glue the horns into place with lash glue. For extra points, get a fire manicure or a plain red one.

Alice- Don't Worry Darling

Have you seen Don't Worry Darling? Such a crazy movie! This one is probably one of the easiest to put together. You need a white dress, white shoes (we put heels here, but you can wear some tennis shoes for more comfort,) dangly pearl earrings, and a black bow for your hair. To top it off, splatter some fake blood on your rib cage, IYKYK.

Dora the Explorer

A childhood favorite and so simple to put together! All you need to become this bilingual queen for Halloween is orange shorts, a pink shirt, yellow socks, white tennis shoes, and a purple backpack. Fully commit with the hair; either get a wig or cut your hair. It'll grow back!

Frida Kahlo

This is one of my favorites! To get her look, you need a long skirt with bright colors or bold prints such as florals; a white top, the outfit is going to have enough going on; a shawl, again if you have something with a fun print or color (don't worry about clashing, it'll come together,) plain sandals; and a purse to match. You have options for your hair, you can do a messy updo or you can have a braid crown, Don't forget to top it off with some flowers! Bonus points if you do a unibrow and walk around with a paint palette or a cigarette.

Wednesday Addams

Nothing says Halloween to me like the Addams Family. Chanel this iconic psychopath with a black dress, the key here is the collar; layer a white shirt or buy just the collar. Pair it with black loafers, black tights, and the signature braids and you're all done.

Powerpuff Girls

You can pull this off as a solo costume, but this costume really calls for a group of three. It's so easy! Pick your favorite Powerpuff Girl and wear a monochromatic outfit, pink for Blossom, Blue for bubbles, and green for Buttercup. The outfits don't have to match each other or the original outfits from the cartoon. As long as you're together, it's pretty recognizable!


Pair a puffy off-white dress with a black corset, and you're halfway there. Tie it together with black boots, fishnet tights, a bandana, and gold accessories. Smokey eye and a red lip would be perfect for this look. Bonus points if you can find a sword.

Cruella de Vil

Another costume inspired by one of our favorite childhood villains. To pull off this classic Cruella outfit, based on the 1960s 101 Dalmatians, you'll need a long black dress, a white fur coat, red heels, long, red gloves, emerald earrings, a bold red lip, and a long cigarette holder.

We all have a favorite costume, a reliable outfit we know we can pull off if we don't have anything else. What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes?

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