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Past Halloweens in Cabo

To get in the spooky mood, we'd like to share some pictures of past Halloweens celebrated at El Squid Roe. Did you take part of their El Squid Roe Game last year? Inspired by the Netflix hit Squid Games, they had a money pig hanging overhead and decor as seen on the show! This year, they're going all out with another mega-hit, Stranger Things: El Squid Roe Things. Spend the night dancing to your favorite songs, dancing on top of tables, and making memories you won't soon forget! Reserve your table here. Do you have any Halloween pictures at El Squid Roe? We'd love to see them! Share them with us in our comments, and we might share them in a future post.

Did you notice the upside-down cars? For years, El Squid Roe made displays on the street to create awareness around drunk driving, especially during this holiday. The set-up with a turned-over car and ironic signs draws people to it and makes them reconsider driving drunk. Remember: don't drive faster than your guardian angel!


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