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Where to Park in Cabo

Map of Cabo San Lucas showing where you can see all the parking spots mentioned in this post.

Getting around in Cabo is relatively easy; most places are within walking distance. But if you are lucky enough to have a car to move about places, you might have to find places to park it. I'll share where I would park when going out downtown.

Hotel Bahia Parking $$

Headed to Medano Beach? There's an excellent parking option a block away, right across the street from Casa Dorada. Drop off your car and hit the shores. It's a prime option if you're headed to anything from Sand Bar to The Office.

Towers of Puerto Paraiso mall surrounded with palm trees.

Puerto Paraiso $

The mall has fairly cheap parking. It's super convenient if you're going to the marina, Luxury Avenue, or even the bars. The walk is no more than 5 minutes to the main drag, but it can feel eternal at the end of the night with heels. (Do not take off your shoes! Besides it being dirty, there could be broken glass; stay safe!)

Cabo Yacht Center Parking $$

It's located on the marina, across the street from El Squid Roe and right next to Dice and Nowhere Bar. This, to me, is the most convenient parking. They have some lumpy flooring, so careful with your ankles!

La Misión $

This is a 24-hour parking lot, though they do make exceptions (no worries, they'll let you know before you pull in.) They're located about a block away from Wachinango's. This is another great option for when you're going clubbing.

Plaza Aramburo Parking $$$

If all you're going to the bar and all you're considering is location, this is the spot for you. It is a little more on the expensive side, but the walk to the bars is the shortest you will find.

Three story, yellow parking building.

Plaza Alamar $$

This parking garage is half a block away from Cabo Coffee Company, a block away from La Dolce (an amazing Italian restaurant 🤤.) This would be your best bet if you're going to Cabo Wabo or Giggling Marlin.

Oddly shaped Cultural Pavilion seen from across the street on a bright, sunny day, palm trees lining the street.

Cultural Pavillion $

They host art exhibitions, ballets, concerts, and musicals. They even host the Cabo Film Festival here, so if you're going to a show, this is the best place to park. But, they have great parking for places like Captain Tony's, Outpost, Land's End Coffee Roaster, or light shopping on the marina's end.

Plaza Embarcadero $$

On the other end of the marina, opposite to Puerto Paraiso, is Plaza Embarcadero. They have shops and restaurants, including Señor Frogs. This is the dock the cruises disembark at, so there's plenty to do and see on this end of the marina as well!


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