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Where to stay in Cabo San Lucas

For some, the hotel isn't the main focus when they're on vacation. Being close to the action is what they look for when booking a room. Luckily, most of the hotels in Cabo have an ocean view; you won't have to compromise a nice room to have a killer location.

Close Walk to Downtown

Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa

It's all about location. This hotel is right on the marina, next to the mall, and a short walk from the heart of downtown. They have a cute palapa pool bar with delicious drinks. Not to mention, their breakfasts are great too! They also have Amura Spa with services like facials, massages, manicures, and much more.

Casa Dorada

This hotel is located on Medano Beach, right next to Mango Deck. Starting with the killer view, this place is so aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention their cleanliness! Their staff is so nice; they make everyone feel welcome and cared for.

Pueblo Bonito

Pueblo Bonito counts with two hotels right next to each other. Both hotels face the beach and have comfy, plushy rooms, great room service, and spectacular views. Pueblo Bonito has a Mediterranean aesthetic going on; it's like Cabo's mini Santorini.

Pueblo Bonito Rosé

If you want to live your pink Barbie fantasy, this is the place for you. Not only is it cute as heck, but they also have killer service and food. They have an impressive gym and rooftop tennis courts. They have a massive bird cage with different cuties.

Hotel Tesoro

Located almost on the other end of the marina, right next to Captain Tony's (with amazing brick oven pizza.) They have a cute rooftop pool with tasty drinks.

Me Cabo

This place is a whole vibe; they have a gorgeous pool that turns into a day club, with DJ's overlooking the water and poolside bottle service. They have Funky Geisha, an oriental restaurant with superb noodles. Corpo Sana is their "wellness temple," as they call it, that we'll mention in our Best Spas in Cabo post.


This hotel is right on Medano, a short walk from the mall and marina, but the roof... They have Baja Brewing Co, where you can order an artisanally crafted brew. But their crown jewel is the Rooftop 360, where you can get a gorgeous eyeful of the ocean or a glistening view of the town.

Club Cascadas de Baja

This place feels like a little island village, it's so enjoyable to just walk around the grounds and take in the view. They're located on Medano Beach, but they're pool is amazing as well! They have killer breakfast; that's how I first found out about them.

Hacienda Beach Villas

This is another place I found through food; they have mouthwatering dishes for any meal of the day. They have very cute decor, with hints to our Mexican roots, yet elegant and timeless.

Villa del Arco

This hotel counts with spacious rooms, gourmet food, and my favorite part, a boats shaped restaurant in the pool! The hotel is kid-friendly; they have many splash zones where the little ones can play in the shallow ends of the pool.

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