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El Squid Roe is going Pink for October

How people perceive breast cancer has changed so much in the past couple of years. What used to be a death sentence is now treatable, and it's all about early detection. El Squid Roe has a special place in its heart for those fighting breast cancer, so for the month of October, it will be holding a fundraiser where that will benefit the Breast Cancer Society Foundation. They're doing all this to help spread awareness and inspire others to do their part.

The Breast Cancer Society Foundation aims to promote actions that enhance the quality of life of those affected by breast cancer. They aim to redirect medical prevention and donation culture in Mexico. Founded in July 2017, they partner with medical institutions focused on research, civil associations with established programs that ensure continued medical attention, institutions at a local, municipal, and federal level, as well as companies and brands that are socially responsible and will join the cause to make an even bigger impact.

Group of Women and the Breast Cancer Society Foundation standing on a grassy clearing in front of the beach, releasing pink balloons.

El Squid Roe has partnered with The Breast Cancer Society Foundation for the month of October. To spread awareness, El Squid Roe paints its whole roof pink every year, but this year was different as its Red London Bus also had a complete pink makeover. Pink represents women's courage in the fight against cancer and its hope for the future. So guests that experience the now Pink London Bus inside of El Squid Roe will be donating a portion of their final bill to this great cause. Also available will be the Pink Line Souvenirs at their Clothing Store, as well as an option for any guest to donate to the cause whichever amount they would like, all going to the Breast Cancer Society Foundation.

Woman posing in a blue shirt that reads "Fight like a woman" with a pink ribbon and the El Squid Roe logo.

El Squid Roe's #SaveSecondBase Pink Line Merchandise in support of the Breast Cancer Society Foundation is now available for purchase at the El Squid Roe Clothing Store.

One in eight women across the world will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Though there are many ways to fight it, early detection is key as it increases the chance of successfully preventing it by 80%. There are many research centers, foundations, and organizations with the goal of understanding the disease, its causes, treatments and spreading awareness on how we can prevent it.

Infographic showing how to check yourself for breast cancer reading "Look:sudden or unusual change in shape or size, Feel: constant, unusual mim in breast or armpit, Look: nipple disharge, Look: swelling around armpit or around collarbone, Look: changes in skin texture".

Risk Factors to keep an eye out for:


Most breast cancer diagnoses happen after the age of 50, so it's recommended to have a mammography every two years starting from the age of 40.

Family History

If it runs in your family, even if just a distant relative has had it or is going through the fight, get yourself checked. Take as many family members as you can, not just the ladies! Let's not forget inherited genes. Those with BRCA1 and BRCA2 are at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Have you had other breast diseases in the past?

Woman with no hail, dressed in pink, with pink boxing gloves help up in fighting position.


Your body is constantly pumping hormones through your body, and we add some be it for birth control, prescribed, or for any reason, and sometimes it's exactly what cancer feeds from. If you start your period at 12 and start going through menopause at 55, this exposes you to hormones for a longer period and raises the risk of cancer.

Having Dense Breasts

Besides being a sign, this can also hide tumors that might have been detectable by touch.

If you want to learn how you can join the fight, get more info on the Breast Cancer Society Foundation and its events.


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