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Staycation Ideas in Cabo

Some people are lucky enough to live where others vacation, but it’s still nice to get away from our everyday stresses. For those in Cabo that are looking for a way to get away without getting too far away, we have some ideas for you.

Take a Day Trip

There are so many wonderful places around Cabo, from magical towns like Todos Santos, to surfer towns like Pescadero. (Check out our Day Trip to Todos Santos blog post.) You can spend a day, a night, or a whole weekend out there.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

Take the classic tourist stroll, take a boat ride out to the Arch, hit a tequila tasting tour, sail at sunset, heck, hit a booze cruise.

Holiday Edition - Themed Movie Night

We all have our favorite Christmas movie, they're just such a great way to get in the holiday spirit. From How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Die Hard, there is something for everyone! Pick your flick for the night some snacks (bonus points if the snacks are inspired by the movie,) a couple of friends, and enjoy! If one movie is not enough, have a marathon where everyone picks a movie, or go by theme, classic, animated, newer releases, etc.

Make a Splash

Spend a day out on the water. Right now is the perfect time to go whale watching, charter a catamaran, and sneak a peek at the gentle giants. You could also go snorkeling or scuba diving; there are many great spots to do both in Baja; I’d suggest hitting Cabo Pulmo; even Jacques Cousteau was mesmerized by it. If you’re more of a thrill seeker, jet skis might be more your speed (pun intended), or take a ride on the banana. Maybe you want a day of luxury, rent a yacht, and lounge the day away on the Sea of Cortez. Our friends at Baja Pass can help you find deals!

Sleep Under the Stars

Go camping on the beach; you might want to drive out a little for this one. Or hit the Sierra de La Laguna, a gorgeous mountain range just a couple of hours north of Cabo San Lucas. Here are some of our recommendations for where to go camping in Cabo.

Be our Guest

Spend the night at a hotel. Hotels pop up in this area so often that sometimes it’s hard to keep up! They all have something that makes them unique, so pick your favorite and spend a night or two. Have room service for breakfast, relax by the pool, dine at their restaurants, get the full experience!

Holiday Edition - Dinner Party

I'm a sucker for the holidays. I love to go all out, decorate the house, have little treats (baked goods and whatnot) or gifts for my loved ones, making everyone feel happy and involved makes for better holidays! Invite your family and/or friends to a Christmas themed dinner. Pitchers of sangria or punch, decorative charcuterie boards (sweet or salty,) main dish like a delicious ham or turkey, and a sweet treat to wrap it all up. You can even make it a pot-luck and have everyone bring their favorite holiday side or dish, though you might want to communicate so you don't end up with 3 sides of Mac n' Cheese (though that doesn't sound horrible to me.)

Kids Day

A day planned out for the little ones! Hit the water park, and get some pizza and ice cream after; go spend the day at the park and play with your kids; the point is to have a day filled with memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Pamper Yourself

Have an at-home spa day! Get all your favorite masks for your face, hair, lips, hands, feet, anything, and everything! We always put some forms of self-care on the back burner, so why not dedicate a whole day to it? Paint your nails, trim your hair, you'll feel like a fresh version of yourself. If you don't want to do it yourself, no worries! There are so many spa options in town; here are some of our favorites.

These are just some ideas, we'd love to hear your favorite way to have fun in your hometown!


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