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Fun Facts About Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is a well-known destination for many reasons, but there are a few interesting facts you might not know about "The Capes."

Courtesy of NASA.

#5 Baja Peninsula Represents almost Half of Mexico's Coastline

Both states of Baja California and Baja California Sur consist of about 40% of all of Mexico's shores. Isn't that wild!?

#4 Whale Migration

From early December to mid-March, about eight different species of whales migrate thousands of miles from the ice-cold waters of the Arctic Ocean to our shores. The conditions are ideal for them to have and raise their babies here, from the weather, water salinity, and even the amount of marine life that represent a possible meal for them. Though we have so many species coming to visit us, humpback whales are the most popular. Book your whale watching experience half off here!

#3 El Squid Roe is One of the Oldest Nightclubs in Cabo

Established in 1989, El Squid Roe started off as a warehouse and transformed into the heart of Downtown. Through the years, they're grown and transformed into the three-story house of madness we all know and love. They have the largest disco ball in Cabo, a world-class sound system, and tables designed specifically to be danced on. Reserve your Experience today, and be ready for Spring Break!

#2 El Arco

Also known as Land's End, the Arch is a rock formation that separates Lover's Beach from Divorce Beach and the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean. Did you know the sand under the Arch isn't always visible? The Arch tends to look like a rocky dragon sipping the water, but every 4-5 years, the water levels lower, and the sand becomes visible.

#1 More than a Destination

Cabo is known for so many things for all lifestyles. From luxurious hotels, shopping, fine dining, and even some of the best golf courses in Mexico, to a cruise destination where families can have fun in the desert, soak up the sun on the beach and enjoy delicious cuisine, even a party destination that sees thousands of Spring Breakers, bachelor/ bachelorette parties every year. There is something for everyone here!


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