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FAQ about Cabo

Map of the very tip of the Baja peninsula. showing the distance from the airport to Cabo San Lucas.

What's the difference between Cabo and Los Cabos?

Los Cabos is the municipality formed by both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. When you hear Cabo, most of the time, they are referring to Cabo San Lucas.

Where is Cabo San Lucas?

In the state of Baja California Sur, right under the state of California. At the very tip of the peninsula, touching both the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean.

Is Cabo San Lucas safe?

Yes! Read more about it here.

How can you get to Cabo?

You have options! You can drive down the peninsula; it takes 22 hours nonstop from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. Likewise, you can fly; Cabo has become such a popular destination that there are many new direct flights to Cabo. The airport is in San Jose del Cabo. Or you can arrive by boat; many cruises stop by, but you might fall in love with the place and want to spend more time here.

What are Mexico's entry requirements?

You do not need a negative Covid test to enter the country; there might be some health checkups in the airports, such as temperature checks. You always need your passport! (Updated August 18th)

Exterior of the Cabo airport.

How do you get from the airport to Cabo?

If you're staying in San Jose del Cabo, you're in luck; you're already there! But if you're staying in Cabo San Lucas, it's a short drive from the airport. You can get a taxi or an Uber; some hotels have shuttles to make your transportation easier. Sit back and enjoy the ride; the views are spectacular!

What time zone is Cabo in?

Currently, Cabo is in Mountain Daylight Time. The next change will be on Sunday, October 30th, when we go back an hour and enter Mountain Standard Time.

What's the weather like in Cabo?

The weather year-round tends to be pretty close to perfect. Warm, sunny, with light breezes. We do have hurricane season, August through September.

Palapa with a lounge chair on Medano Beach on a bright, sunny day.

Are all the beaches swimmable?

Not ALL beaches are swimmable, but there are some beaches that are perfect for a swim. Check out what beaches to visit here.

What currency is used in Cabo?

The national currency is pesos, but no worries, we take dollars.

Can I use my credit card?

Yes! You might have to call your bank and let them know you'll be using your card out of the country.

Sunset on the shores of Cabo with hotels lining the beach and the sun hiding behind a hill.

Is it expensive to stay in Cabo?

If you want it to be. You can have an amazing time in Cabo on any budget.

What is there to do in Los Cabos?

There are so many things to do here! From enjoying nature to partying the night away. Check out things you must do in Cabo and things to do as a family.

What's the drinking age in Cabo?


Can you drink sink water?

The water comes from the Sierra de la Laguna; it's also where our drinking water comes from. BUT, to get to the sink, it goes through a series of pipes, making it not the cleanest. I would not recommend drinking the sink water.

Is there internet?

Yes! Most hotels, cafes, etc., should have free wifi.


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