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Spring Break in Cabo

Spending Spring Break in Cabo is like a rite of passage. It's so iconic that it's even mentioned in movies and TV shows. To make the most of your visit, no matter how long you'll be in Cabo, we put together this little guide.


February and March are dry months here, so don't expect rain. Pack for sunny days and hot nights, the weather might be fresh during this time, but it gets hot in the clubs. Here is a little packing list for inspiration:


The legendary, the one and only, El Squid Roe. You haven't experienced a trip to Cabo if you don't party at least one night away there. Dance on tabletops, take shots with the MC, and even wave at the DJs in the booth! Another fan favorite is The Nowhere Bar, located right on the marina. They have killer "jarritas" that you can get in several flavors. We also have a "Perfect Night" planned out for you; check it out!

Where to Eat

Check out some of our past blogs, sharing the best restaurants for different tastes:

Where to Stay

There are great places for every budget in Cabo.

Check out our recommendations here.

What to Do

You could spend the day at the beach, wandering around town; whatever you do, you will have a great time here. We have some ideas for you:


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